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Questions for… our Cameraman
5. April 2022
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Corporate Volunteering Day – We are all in
25. July 2022

Three questions for... our Sales Representative

As a salesperson, you're on the road a lot.

Isn't that exhausting?

As a salesperson, you have to like people, you got that right. Sure, you’re on the road a lot, but I personally really like it. There’s no daily routine that sets in, you know? You travel different roads every day and meet new people from the industry, with whom you stay in contact beyond the first meeting. It also keeps you mentally on your toes.

The job “forces” you to always be on the edge and to develop the right nose for sales strategies.

I’m actually on the phone a lot, coordinating with my project partners in the morning. This way, I always know what’s going on at EMS and in our portfolio. Then, of course, I am the first point of contact for our customers. Together with the different teams at EMS, I plan the agreed projects and also help to implement them.

What else do you do all day?

You were previously in support. Was it your decision to go into sales?

Yes, definitely. That’s the beauty of EMS: everyone gets the opportunity to develop and grow to where they want to go. If you are motivated and the need exists, of course. Taking responsibility is not punished, but rather encouraged.

Thank you, for your time!