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RUN powered by EMS is your creative and podcast agency right from the heart of Nuremberg. We design, produce and market podcast formats for your company!

What we do for you:

Together with you, we start the podcast journey and build an authentic and long-lasting reach. It’s not for nothing that podcasts are also called “the best content marketing in the world”.

More than just ordinary podcasts! Find out more on the RUN powered by EMS website.

Our podcast formats

With our RUN powered by EMS brand, we open the door to a world of knowledge, inspiration and diversity.

Our mission at RUN is to unite a community of like-minded and business-minded people. We focus on showing different perspectives on working, founding and mindset and creating valuable content through podcasts, blog posts and events. Our vision is not only to provide valuable content, but also to impart knowledge, inspiration and diversity.

We want to generate more than just reach with our own podcasts. With changing guest experts, we want to give a stage to precisely those people whose stories and experiences offer added value. Be it in the form of knowledge, inspiration or diversity. That’s why we at RUN focus on depicting the various aspects of the modern business world with our podcast formats and giving all listeners a look behind the scenes of successful and extraordinary people in every single episode.

Storywelt Podcast mit Alban Imeri


Podcast FinanzRomanze

FINANZ Romanze



Find out more about our podcast world on the RUN!

Events and network

Whether live podcasts, keynotes or networking events: even though the past few years have shown us how important digital presence is, we want to continue to take place live and on site. Our events combine valuable content, good entertainment and a great atmosphere for networking. They offer a great opportunity for like-minded people to get to know each other, exchange ideas and perhaps even form friendships that go beyond business.

RUN powered by EMS offers not only renowned speakers a stage, but also corporates the chance to gain visibility and become part of our large RUN family. As a partner, your company enjoys maximum visibility – be it through podcasts, website articles, social media or live at our events. You also benefit from a strong network of successful entrepreneurs and ambitious people who want to further their education on our platform. Become part of the RUN family!

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Alban Imeri

Head of Concept & Content