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19. April 2022
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29. July 2022

Corporate Volunteering Day

We are all in!

On July 5, 2022, the so-called “Corporate Volunteering Day” took place, as it does every year, during which the CSR network “Unternehmen Ehrensache” brings together a wide variety of companies and non-profit organizations and institutions with their project “Unternehmen Ehrensache IN AKTION”.

The term “corporate volunteering” refers to the active promotion of employee commitment. Employees of a company therefore volunteer within their working hours and free time to support social projects on a voluntary basis and thus make things possible for these institutions that would not be feasible without external help.

We also rolled up our sleeves this year and pitched in. We visited the youth center “Freiraum” and helped there with the renovation. This means, we painted walls with new paint, built a bench and put casters on furniture.

Corporate Volunteers Day 2022: man is painting the wall

At the Freiraum youth center, children and young people between the ages of 10 and 18 are offered the opportunity to establish contact with their peers and spend time with them. You can play numerous games and also engage in other activities, such as cooking or drawing. There they can find support with their homework and can also turn to the Freiraum team for help with other private problems.

The main goal of the “Corporate Volunteering Day” is to support charitable institutions. However, thanks to the shared experiences, this day of action also makes a valuable contribution to team building.

Text: Hannah (Intern)

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