Image film -
Your company visually presented

Take your audience on a journey through your brand. With authentic storytelling, we work with you to develop a story that best reflects your company.

Modern, authentic & emotional.


What is an image film?

An image film or image video serves to strengthen your company brand and your corporate image. This is a video of two to a maximum of six minutes in which you are given time and space to present yourself and your company in a positive light.

Why do I need an image film?

Your company and your brand are more than just four walls and empty words. With a video that shows how individual your employees, your philosophy and your working environment are, you create trust with your target group and arouse interest. A professional image film remains in the memory of your target group and ensures recognition value.

A film production is an excellent way to communicate your company’s corporate identity to the outside world. You can reach those you want to reach in a low-threshold and emotional way across all media for years to come.


Three advantages of an image film


Increase in brand awareness

The use and distribution of your image film increases awareness of your brand.


Product presentation

An image film can present your products or services in the best possible way.


Perfect target group approach

Emotional stories are an excellent way to communicate corporate values.

Your image film

Where can I use an image film?

A professional image video can be used in a variety of ways for marketing, HR and sales: whether on the company website, on social media channels such as Instagram or YouTube, for presentations and for pitches. An image film can also be used as a promotional film.


Corporate website, landing pages & recruiting pages

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Corporate Website

Business appointments & pitches

Advertising film

Cinema, TV & trade fair appearances

What questions should I ask myself before I start?

The more you know before you make contact, the better.

If you can't answer some questions yet, that's no problem.
We are happy to work everything out together with you.

Why do I want an image film?

When we plan a project together, you should ideally have a clear goal in mind. With the most precise objectives possible, the result will be optimally tailored to your wishes. Ask yourself why you want to have an image film. What are your intentions?

Who do I want to address with my image film?

The more precisely the target group can be determined, the more precisely the end product can be tailored to it. A specific target group approach is particularly important for videos. Different groups of people have different preferences in terms of humor, colors, people, music and much more. Ask yourself who you want to address with your image film.

What is the image film supposed to say?

Once you have answered the first two questions, you can think about the content in more detail. What message do you want to convey? What values do you want to represent? What attributes do you want your target group to associate with your company?

Where should the image film be shown?

We can produce your image film in such a way that it can be used universally. However, if you already know exactly which medium you want to focus on, this is an advantage. An image film for the big screen is designed somewhat differently than a clip for social media.

What is the procedure?

Important: Every process is individual.
The overview serves as a rough guide to how it could work.

Rough concept

We'll work with you to come up with ideas and a concept for your movie.


We develop a detailed script based on the rough concept.


Locations are being sought, materials procured and possibly actors booked.


Depending on the length and location of the film, shooting takes place over one or more days.


We cut, animate and edit your image film in our studio.


You receive the finished film and can broadcast it.

Do you have any questions?
We are happy to answer.

Jonas Wagner

Head of Media Productions