Commercial - Attention through videos

There is no need to explain what advertising is. You can quickly see what good advertising is, and you realize what really good advertising is when the results are right.

We work with you to design and produce a commercial that will be a success. Emotional storytelling is the best way to reach your target group with an advertising spot.


Your commercial

Unleash the power of storytelling!

An advertising film should not only inform, but also arouse emotions. We rely on creative ideas to convey your message in the most innovative way possible.

The focus is on telling emotional stories.

Let’s tell an unforgettable story together that gets to the heart of your message and touches people.

What questions should I ask myself before I start?

The more you know before you make contact, the better. If you can't answer some questions yet, that's no problem. We are happy to work everything out together with you.

Why do I want to shoot a commercial?

When we plan a project together, you should ideally have a clear goal in mind. With the most precise objectives possible, the result will be optimally tailored to your wishes. Ask yourself why you want to have a commercial. What are your intentions? Should the commercial pursue a specific goal?

Who do I want to address with my commercial?

The more precisely the target group can be determined, the more precisely the end product can be tailored to it. A specific target group approach is particularly important for videos. Different groups of people have different preferences in terms of humor, colors, people, music and much more. Ask yourself who you want to address with your commercial.

Where should the commercial be played?

We can produce your commercial so that it can be used universally. However, if you already know exactly which medium you want to focus on, this is an advantage. A commercial for the big screen is conceived somewhat differently than a film for social media.

What is the procedure?

Important: Every process is individual.
The overview serves as a rough guide to how it could work.

Rough concept

After getting to know each other, we discuss the goals of the film together and define ideas.


We are now incorporating the bundled ideas into a detailed script.


In preparation for the shoot, we take care of the actors, locations and materials.


We shoot all the planned scenes at one or more locations. Sometimes on one day, sometimes on several days.


Back in our film studio, we get straight down to editing and finalize your commercial!


The finished advertising film can now be played on the desired platforms.

Do you have any questions?
We are happy to answer.

Jonas Wagner

Head of Media Productions