Managed Services.

Digital Solutions
for a sustainable
Human Resources Management.

With MAVES, SAP and Co. we not only digitize your work processes, but also improve communication within your company, with personnel service providers and with your business customers. No matter whether completely or only partially: our MSP employees will gladly take over your personnel processes upon request and bring additional expertise to the handling between companies and personnel service providers.

In doing so, we keep the needs and wishes of all parties in mind.

Our Portfolio.

MAVES, Managed Service Providing (MSP)
and SAP HCM.

Our in-house software for External Workforce Management

Our Service for the control of External Personnel

Our Service in the area of Human Capital Management (HCM)

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Our External Workforce Software for more efficiency and less bureaucracy.

Four modules map the entire process of sourcing and staffing external personnel between companies and staffing service providers:

Recruiting – personnel requirements and proposals

Operation – management over deployments, expenses, deadlines and compliance

Time management – place and type of work

Reporting – Monitor & Analyze

Find out here how MAVES can make your everyday work easier.

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The human makes
the difference.

Our Managed Service Employees (MSP Employees)

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counts for us.

For us, it’s not just ones and zeros that count. For us, the people behind resumes and skillsets are just as important. In the mediation between companies and applicants, we act with tact and make sure that the people who belong together find each other. Due to the background of our own corporate philosophy, we know that satisfied people work better together.

This is how our MSP employees support
you in human resources management

Because people are our most valuable resource.

For you as a purchaser, HR manager or works council, for you as a personnel service provider and for you as an external employee.

We are the people between the different areas and stakeholders. We ensure that requirements from all sides are heard and brought together. As an MSP employee, we manage the entire process from finding suitable candidates to hiring. With our expertise and experience, we advise at eye level, bundle all important information and bring together the people who belong together.

What makes us unique.

The dialogue.

We speak personally with service providers and companiesto work out and understand the exact requirements and wishes of suitable candidates.. For this purpose, we organize supplier days, for example.


We provide feedback on hired as well as rejected candidates. This way, we make the recruitment processtransparent and comprehensible for you and for the other stakeholders.


We know our way around. All of our MSP employees come from the temporary staffing industry. In addition to the technical understanding of the latest Software tools, we know about the needs of personnel service providers, companies and external personnel.


We use all communication channels in order to provideallnecessary information to the stakeholders involved and pass it on efficiently.

The Contact Person.

We are not only your Provider. We are your contact, IT support and consultant. It is important to us that all stakeholders are satisfied at the end of the process. Because only in this way people get ahead.

We can do more.

SAP HCM and other HR systems

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Our further range of services to you.

You are already working with SAP HCM? That’s a good one! The SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) personnel management system – used correctly – can be a facilitator for HR processes in your company. As HR software experts, we are happy to provide SAP HCM consulting services for you.

We rely on united expertise: Our partner EPI USE GmbH supports us in the operational business, while we focus on professional and comprehensive HR consulting for your company.

What we do for you

Management & Administration

We take over the ongoing operation of your entire personnel management and administration for you, which runs via SAP HCM.

Consulting & Support

We advise on digitization issues, take onsystem adjustments to ensure compliance with legal, collective agreement and internal regulations and provide IT support.


We carry out P ayroll and time management for you – for internal and external employees.

Planning & Optimization

We keep track of production planning for you and advise you on optimization processes.

Our Awards

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