Recruiting film - Optimal against the shortage of skilled workers

Finding suitable workers is becoming increasingly difficult. With a recruiting film, on the other hand, you hold several aces in your hand.

Strengthen your employer branding and stand out from the crowd through emotional storytelling with a recruitment film.

Your recruiting film

What is a recruiting film?

Recruiting videos or recruiting films serve to convince potential applicants that you are the ideal employer.

They are used in employer branding as a strategic measure to present your company as a strong employer brand and strengthen your branding.

They can be played out across social media (Instagram, LinkedIn, Xing, YouTube, etc.), on job platforms (in addition to your job ad), and on your website.

Why do I need a recruiting film?

The issue of skills shortages is becoming more prevalent every year. Qualified workers are becoming increasingly difficult to find in most sectors and the battle for talent is growing.

It is important that your company stands out from the crowd in order to stay on the ball. A recruiting film helps to convince qualified applicants of your company.

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Three advantages of a recruiting film


Increased visibility among applicants

Videos are followed more attentively than texts. This automatically increases the reach of a video.


Stand out from the competition

With a recruiting film, you have a variety of ways to differentiate yourself from other companies.


More qualified applications

With a recruiting film, applicants get to know your company better and you receive more qualified applications.

Where can I use a recruiting film?

A professional recruiting video can be used in a variety of ways: whether on the company website, on social media channels such as Instagram or YouTube or directly on job portals and in job advertisements.


Corporate website, landing pages & recruiting pages

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Corporate Website

Business appointments & pitches

Job portals

Application platforms & portals

What is the procedure?

Important: Every process is individual.
The overview serves as a rough guide to how it could work.

Rough concept

We think together about what your movie should achieve and define the goal.


Existing ideas are then incorporated into a detailed script.


We take care of locations, props and possibly actors.


We will shoot your recruiting video together over one or more days.


In our studio, we put your movie together and give it a professional look.


The finished recruiting video can now be published for potential applicants to see.

Do you have any questions?
We are happy to answer.

Jonas Wagner

Head of Media Productions