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Highly recommended, especially for the HR department

Easy to use. Offers everything you need.

Our MAVES software

Personnel management has never been easier than with our external workforce software MAVES.

Enjoy all the benefits:

Bring the digital future of HR administration to your HR department!

No parallel structures, no analogous bureaucracy. Simple and intuitive user interface with your company logo.

MAVES maps your entire personnel management. This not only saves time and money, but also makes your HR department more flexible and the work processes more transparent for all parties.

A system that takes over and simplifies communication between you and the other parties involved. Your business processes, those of the customer, your managed service provider or master vendor and all suppliers are mapped transparently in our software.

Of course, you always receive all relevant data in real time.

With our E-Sign tool, qualified electronic signatures can also be integrated into employment contracts and compliance documents. Read more about E-Sign here.

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Questions and answers

What is an external workforce software?

Workforce management software supports HR departments in the procurement and management of external personnel. As a personnel software, it optimally maps all individual workflows of your personnel work.

For whom is MAVES suitable?

For small businesses, medium businesses, large businesses, freelancers and staffing companies.

How does MAVES simplify my HR tasks?

As HR software, MAVES combines many functions that simplify and digitalize your HR processes:

Digital personnel file

  • Personnel deployment planning
  • Human Resources
  • Human Resources Management
  • Process monitoring
  • Legal matters (equal pay, takeovers, etc.)
  • Compliance
  • Personal activity list for open to-do’s
  • Talent Management


MAVES is the only workforce software that offers skills matching to identify the best talent for your jobs.

A sophisticated system enables candidates to be compared via various channels. For example, CV parsing, i.e. the reading of CVs, incorporates differentiated data into the decision-making process.

In this way, our software ensures that you find the candidate who best meets your qualitative requirements.

MAVES brings together what belongs together.

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MAVES is an excellent solution for companies,
who want to optimize their personnel management.

The individual modules are virtually self-explanatory
and have made implementation easy in our HR department.

MAVES modules

Independent of time and place – thanks to the cloud

A software solution for every step of the process:

Recruiting module

Work transparently and clearly thanks to status overview

Operation module

Deployment planning and management

Time management module

Connection of external time recording tools possible

Reporting module

Evaluation of the processes

Laptop mit offener MAVES Anwendung

How you benefit from MAVES

Cloud and web based

Qualifications Matching

Compliance overview

Support through EMS

Legal protection

Cross-industry use

Access to all suppliers

Simple and intuitive handling

Mapping of complex group structures

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We are happy to answer.

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