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Media Solutions.

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With us the person stands
in focus.

With our digital and media solutions, we would like to make a contribution to more transparency and communication and enable streamlining of work processes in your company aa well as with your business partners.

Take a look around and get to know EMS!

Managed Services

Your digital solutions for a sustainable
Human Resources Management.

How do you improve communication within your company and between your business partners, secure the company’s own knowledge transfer and sustainably facilitate your daily work processes?

With us and our custom-fit solutions.

Media Solutions

The media experts for your Image Film or Hybrid Event.

What should it be? Hybrid or online event for your internal and external communication, film productions for a strong brand presence or e-learning and animation videos for further education purposes?

Our experienced Media Solutions team will help you develop and implement your ideas.


Our portfolio at a glance.

Our flagship.

Intuitive and clear. This was our claim in the development of our external workforce software called MAVES.

This is the only way to create low-threshold access to digital HR management, generate acceptance and streamline processes in the long term. MAVES supports you and your employees in the areas of recruiting, operations, time management and reporting. Customizable to optimize your existing HR processes.

Our neutral intermediaries.

People always in focus. Especially when it comes to working in human resources management. Our neutral intermediaries, the MSP employees, are primarily concerned with simplifying communication between companies and staffing service providers and making it as transparent as possible for all stakeholders – from the recruiter to the candidate. We know from our own experience: Satisfied employees are motivated employees.

Our Service Crew.

We never stop learning. That is why we are not only familiar with our own external workforce software, but also with systems such as SAP HCM. We provide processing and support for your corporate, organizational and personnel structure. And what the system cannot do, we try to develop for you. Because our heart beats for software development

Our Film Team.

Whether studio or street, the EMS Media Solutions department has not one or two, but three film studios with different features and capabilities. For lectures, e-learning, webinars or hybrid events. And on the road, our experienced team of producers, cinematographers and assistant directors know how to deliver a unique performance. We not only plan, design and realize your image film or commercial, we also provide valuable impulses for a visual strengthening of your corporate identity.

Who we are.

And what is important to us.

For us, the focus is on people. Both on the customer, applicant and employee side. Therefore, it is important to us to communicate with all parties involved at eye level, to maintain discretion, and at the same time to enable the greatest possible transparency in the processes. The EMS team is at your side with its extensive expertise, supporting and empowering you and your employees through various products and services. Our goal is to give you the opportunity to simplify your work processes and to integrate and retain your employees in your company. After all, a positive and well thought-out personnel and customer management makes an important contribution to sustainable corporate success.

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