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25. July 2022
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31. August 2022

EMS Plakat mit der Aufschrift: Wir suchen dich

Three questions for... our Marketing Manager

How did you actually get into EMS?

In fact, I was self-employed before, had my own agency, and EMS was my client for over a year. The concept behind EMS, the team that does such a great job of mastering all of this and the company’s diverse tasks excited me right from the start. And when the management approached me and made me an offer, I decided to switch from being self-employed to an employee. And lo and behold… now it’s been more than three years, in which we have already moved quite a few things together.

What do you love about your job?

The freedom to constantly develop and evolve in my tasks and creativity. The constant new challenges and creative work. Whether pursuing continuing education or a crazy marketing plan, department heads are always open to new ideas. It is very motivating to see how something successful is created through my and the team’s work.

What is special about working in the EMS team?

My “motto” – “Teamwork makes the dream work” – and from experience I can only say: In a team some things are easier and the topic “brainstorming” is undoubtedly a big plus with a good team. We have so many creative people here in the Media Solutions space and expertise in the MSP space, and the way these different people work together just makes the team unique. It’s often the case that what one person can’t do… another can. Thus, synergies are created, you get to the goal faster and you can celebrate the successes.

Thank you, for your time!