EMS poster showing: We are looking for you
Questions for… our Marketing Manager
29. July 2022
EMS poster showing: We are looking for you
Questions for… our Marketing Manager
29. July 2022

External Workforce Software

MAVES Support: For and With the Customer

EMS is based on the principle that software must adapt to its users, not the other way around. That’s why we implement our in-house developed External Workforce Software MAVES not only for, but together with the customer.

This is made possible by our team of product specialists and product managers, who work together in workshops to find out about customer requirements and analyze the day-to-day business.

Based on the findings from the workshops, MAVES can then be integrated into the ongoing business processes, where it can identify optimization needs and optimize existing workflows with pinpoint accuracy.

Hyper-Care Phase for the optimal start

Even during the first steps with MAVES, our EMS specialists continue to accompany the new users. Immediately after the implementation and the go-live, the one-month hyper-care phase begins.

In this period, EMS works closely with the customer to analyze the start-up and initial experience in using the software. Now individual parts of the software can also be reconfigured as needed.

1st and 2nd Level Support and Project Jour-Fixes

After the end of the hyper-care phase, the in the meanwhile experienced MAVES users can make use of the EMS 1st and 2nd level support via the ticket system. At regular intervals, the introduction of the software is evaluated in joint jour fixes. These also define and monitor further milestones within the project. A central contact person is assigned to each project and customer.

In order to develop a deeper understanding of the software, a comprehensive user manual and FAQs are also available to users 24/7.

This is how we at EMS ensure that you can use MAVES optimally and sustainably.

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