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26. January 2022
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5. April 2022

Human Resources Management Software:

What is a WFM?

The terms WFM (Workforce Management System) and VMS (Vendor Management System) refer to the same thing. This refers to a digital system that supports HR departments in the  administration and procurement of temporary staff or other employees. What makes a WFM special is that it can take on different perspectives in the recruitment process. This allows both companies, service providers and temporary employment agencies to use the same software to simplify processes and communication between them. The MAVES software developed by EMS specializes in the recruitment process and the management of external employees.

The goal of workforce management software such as MAVES is to relieve HR departments and optimize recruitment so that companies can concentrate on their actual value-creating processes. That is why our developers also attached importance to simple, low-threshold handling and the greatest possible transparency for all parties involved. A WFM maps a wide variety of steps in the recruitment process.

In the MAVES module “Recruiting”, companies can enter their requirements for new, external employees directly into the system. Personnel service providers and/or service providers are informed about the new requirements and can propose their candidates to the companies in a timely manner. A unique qualification matching system enables companies or service providers to quickly and easily select suitable candidates from the proposals of temporary employment agencies. Operational documents and contracts can be signed directly in the system using the integrated electronic signature (e-sign). All regulatory and external requirements are met through comprehensive deadline management and a specially introduced compliance center. Human error sources are minimized.

The organization and management of external employees are mapped in the “Operation” and “Time Management” modules. Time recording data from third-party systems can be imported into the “Time Management” module via an integrated interface. Again, companies and service providers as well as staffing agencies can use MAVES for the organization and management of the same temporary workers. Thus, direct communication between the parties involved is maintained.

In the “Reporting” module, users can access a range of reports that, for instance, provide information about currently advertised jobs or an overview of all current employee assignments. In addition, specific process indicators can be derived, such as the staffing duration of a published requirement or delivery quality of the staffing service providers.

Personnel requirements and capacity planning, recruitment and analysis make it possible to streamline and optimize the work processes in an HR department. By using the same WFM tool, communication between companies, service providers, and staffing companies remains intact at all times during the collaboration.

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