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Create acceptance for new software
21. December 2021
screenshot MAVES
Create acceptance for new software
21. December 2021

The answer to a dynamic labor market:

Digital Training

Digitization, ecological and demographic change, and advances in technology are just a few of the factors that are having a significant impact on the world of work today. As so often in the history of mankind, progress also demands new solutions, a redefinition and creation of jobs. Many companies and their employees feel timid about this dynamic, fearful of technologies they don’t understand or, in the worst case, fearful of job cuts that are perceived to have become obsolete.

These developments make the company’s own training and qualification of employees even more important. The aim here is not only to take account of rapidly evolving job profiles, but also to retain knowledge within the company and increase its attractiveness as an employer. In addition to a good working atmosphere, fun at work and security, further training opportunities in the company are decisive criteria for young people when deciding for or against an employer. According to the Federal Government’s Commission of Inquiry, even financial aspects fall behind further training opportunities in the selection process.

Getting employees excited about digital tools

As with many areas in the workplace, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on internal and external corporate training. When 2020 meetings were also restricted in the education sector by the federal and state governments, only 40 percent of German continuing education providers succeeded in converting ongoing face-to-face events to online events at short notice, according to wbmonitor. Only 23 percent of the planned events could be implemented online during the lockdown. One reason was sometimes a lack of concepts, experience and technical resources to provide digital training such as webinars or online lectures.

However, online continuing education is more than a necessity in times of pandemic. Rather, they are an opportunity to make the handling of digital resources an expected matter across departments. In a playful and low-threshold way, they can help employees in all industries overcome their reluctance to use digital tools in their everyday work. Structured concepts and an appealing implementation of webinars and online tutorials make it possible to inspire employees and bring them along.

Individual learning

Once created, webinars can be accessed on-demand, meaning that the training opportunity can be adapted to the employee’s daily work routine and individual learning progress. The learning progress itself can be easily tracked, number of clicks and duration of viewings provide information on how well the webinars are received and whether an adjustment or further promotion of the offers is necessary.

E-learning can make a valuable contribution to the internal training of employees and the reduction of skepticism towards digital tools. Existing workplaces can be made sustainable in the long term, new tools can be explained and established in existing work processes, and new employees can be trained efficiently.

Webinar, Online Lecture, Hybrid Seminar and more. 

EMS has already successfully implemented these digital offerings for its customers:

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