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21. December 2021
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IT security: EMS receives ISO/ IEC 27001 certification
7. January 2022

Implementation in work processes:

Create acceptance for new software

Software implementation goes beyond selection, installation and configuration. After all, the focus is on the people who are using the software in their everyday work. Companies should invest time to create acceptance among employees and thus ensure that the new software is actually used.

The announcement that work processes such as personnel management are to be mapped and simplified using new software is not always met with applause from the workforce. The reasons can be as varied as the employees themselves: Skepticism, bad experiences, false expectations and excessive demands are just a few of them.

It is therefore even more important that the decision-makers in the company track the status quo and define clear potential for improvement and goals even before software is introduced. What specific work processes can be simplified or adapted with the software? And what new departmental structures might be needed? What goals do we expect from the introduction of the software? What milestones can be defined to measure the success of the software and evaluate the work processes?

The results should be communicated to the employees in advance so that acceptance, and in the best case even anticipation, of the software is aroused. It must be clear that the department will have an immediate benefit from the implementation of the software.

Provide training to meet needs

In the next step, structured and needs-based training is essential to enable all employees to use the software to its intended extent. It makes sense to define roles and responsibilities in advance in order to train the relevant employees in a targeted manner. The goal is not only to learn how to use the software, but also to learn how to embed it into your own routine.

Employee training courses can be held in person or online. But classroom training can and should also be supported with digital tools such as a help page (keyword FAQs), a landing page with video material that can be watched again after the training sessions, and ideally a forum for questions. Manuals are also a good way to provide individual assistance to employees. Online training courses such as webinars have the advantage that they can be held regardless of time and place or the number of participants.

Obtain feedback

Feedback on difficulties or successes with the software should also be collected again and again after the introduction of the software in order not to lose contact with the employees and to keep the motivation to deal with the new tool high.

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