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7. January 2022
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21. February 2022

Time to Hire:

Reducing bureaucratic hurdles through digital tools

Regardless of whether we are talking about internal or external personnel, finding suitable employees is not always that easy. The time it takes for a recruiter to publicize a vacant position and fill it in as the final step, this is called “Time to Hire.”

According to a forsa survey commissioned by the social professional network XING, more than two-thirds of the HR managers surveyed said that it takes them more than three months to fill a management position with the right candidate. And the trend is upward. This not only means an increased workload for active employees, but also increased costs if production bottlenecks or even failures are the result.

One of the reasons for the extended time-to-hire is that competition among companies to sign up the best-qualified candidates is high. Job seekers often have several offers in front of them. In order to be able to contract suitable candidates as quickly as possible, the time to hire should be kept to a minimum. Internal company coordination, the review of application documents, the invitation to the interview and the signing of the contract should take place as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In order to shorten the time to hire and relieve HR managers, it is advisable to use digital tools. The MAVES external workforce management system from EMS maps the entire recruitment and administration process for external employees in four modules. The Recruiting module is the only workforce software to perform a so-called qualification matching. This is used to filter out the candidates from the personnel service providers’ pool who exactly match the company’s requirements profile. With just a few clicks, suitable candidates can be selected and invited for an interview. The signing of contracts and the management of all necessary documents can also be carried out in MAVES. This is made possible by the integrated e-signing.

Digital tools such as MAVES enable rapid action and minimize the susceptibility to errors – for example, misplacing application documents and not replying to emails…. Bureaucratic hurdles are removed and allow positions to be filled quickly. In the end, this means not only a reduction in the workload of HR staff, but also a short time to hire and thus a good chance of getting the best-qualified candidates under contract in your own company.

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