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What is an image film?

An image film or image video serves to strengthen your company brand and corporate image. This is a video of 2 to 6 minutes maximum, in which you get time and space to present yourself and your company in a positive way.

Why do I need an image film?

Your company and your brand are more than just four walls and empty words. With a video that shows how individual your employees, your philosophy and your working environment is, you create trust and interest among your target group. A professional and well-produced image film remains in the memory of your target group and ensures recognition value.

An investment that pays off. A film production is an excellent way to communicate your company’s corporate identity to the outside world. Low-threshold and emotional, you reach those you want to reach. And that cross-medially and over a period of years.

What are the advantages?

Where can I use an image film?

A professional image video can be used in a variety of ways for marketing, HR and sales: whether on the company website, on social media channels such as Instagram or YouTube, for presentations and for pitches. An image film can also be used as a promotional film.


Corporate website, landing pages & recruiting pages

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram

Corporate Website

Business appointments & pitches

Advertising film

Cinema, TV & trade fair appearances

How do I design an image film?

Before we can start into your image video production, you should ask yourself the following questions:

If you already have a concrete idea of your new image video including a storyboard: Great! Then we’ll work with you to develop the appropriate script and start production right away.

If you don’t yet have a clear idea of what your image film should look like or how you can best reach your target group, we will support you conceptually in the creation of a storyboard that optimally visualizes your core messages. In doing so, we harmonize your corporate identity with your goals and planned locations for the film.

We also realize TV productions,
TV spots, commercials or advertising spots.

What exactly does your image film production look like?

Once the concept is in place and we have developed a storyboard, we find the right location for the shoot. This can be at your company, at ours in the Film Studio Nuremberg or somewhere else entirely. We will take care of the necessary equipment (camera, light, etc.). As soon as we have selected actors or internal employees and agreed on a date together, we can start with the video production.

Once filming is complete, the raw footage goes into editing and color grading, or post-production. There it becomes a professional film. Thanks to our 2D and 3D specialists, we can also insert custom animations if desired – or even create a complete animated movie. A professional voice-over artist rounds out your video production.

Studierende sitzen in einer Sitzecke, Kamerateam filmt sie

Why should you create your corporate video with EMS Media Solutions?

Very simple:
Because we can. Our team consists of experienced producers, cinematographers, directors, editors and creatives who are always looking for new stories.

Image film

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