Benefit from the podcast hype with modern ads

Podcast advertising offers the perfect opportunity to convey advertising messages in a personal and authentic way. Benefit from modern advertising placements on platforms such as Spotify & Co. and cooperation with the country’s best-known podcasters – advertising in podcasts gets the best performance out of your campaign.

The implementation of the campaign could not be simpler:

(Maybe build a slider or something from these four points (Alban’s wish) or arrange them in a cool way, I would take icons from them)
  1. Tell us what you need!
    You give us all the information about your advertising message and we advise you on all the options, formats and objectives
  2. Podcast-Ad in the Making!
    Once we have clarified the details and objectives, we design and produce your podcast commercial.
  3. We are live!
    After release, there’s not much time left: Your podcast campaign goes live!
  4. Performance check
    Of course, you will receive all the relevant facts and figures from us after the campaign is over.

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We are happy to answer.

Alban Imeri

Head of Concept & Content